First of all you will need a software called AssetsBundleExtractor

if you already have it let’s start

  • Open UABE (Unity Assets Bundle Extractor)
  • Find Monobehaviour Network (Only SN Alpha v0.9.5.1 and newer Alpha Versions)

it should look like this

  • and now click Export Dump
  • and click yes if it’s asking “Dump Export” Additional MonoBehaviour type information can possibly be retrieved in order to enhance dump output
  • click cancel if its asking for gine.TestRunner and GoogleAudioSpatializer
  • if a save as window comes click on Save button
  • now you will see a txt file name something like BackEnd-resources.assets- bla bla bla and .txt
  • open the txt file to edit it
  • and change platform to 0
  • and click on MonoBehaviour Network and click import Dump and choose the txt file we’ve edited

  • after you change the platform to 0 now you just need to save the txt file
  • now find MonoBehaviour PhotonServerSettings in Resources.Assets file with UABE
  • and click Export Dump Again
  • open the txt file and change string AppID to your own appid
  • you can get a Pun AppId on, remember only choose Pun AppId for SN Alpha, if it’s Pre Beta and newer you can choose Photon Realtime or Pun
  • and now Save the txt file
  • click on MonoBehaviour PhotonServerSettings on UABE and click import Dump, and click on the txt file we’ve edited
  • and now click on File on UABE window, and click on Save


  • Save the name as resources.assets1
  • and now rename the resources.assets to resources.original
  • and rename the  resources.assets1 to resources.assets
  • Done, if it does not work you might be doing something wrong